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HErmann Hesse Package

In the footsteps of Hermann Hesse

"Many a pretty town have I seen between Bremen and Naples, between Vienna and Singapore, towns by the sea, towns high up in the mountains, and as a pilgrim I have taken a drink from many a fountain which later turned into the sweet poison of nostalgia. But the prettiest town of all that I know is Calw on the Nagold, a little old Swabian town in the Black Forest.“

Writing in praise of his birthplace, Hermann Hesse expressed not only his love for the town and countryside associated with his childhood memories, but also his intimate knowledge of one of the most noteworthy places to visit along the eastern fringe of the Black Forest.
The town centre and its townscape is still marked by its past – as you stroll through the winding alleys and narrow streets, cross Nikolaus bridge or the market place and climb the countless steps of the stone staircases you are viewing Calw with the eyes of Hermann Hesse, the famous poet and Nobel Prize winner.

The Package includes the following:

  • Two nights with breakfast
  • Guided tour of the town following in the footsteps of Hermann Hesse or historical tour of the town (may to October) in Germann language
  • Visit to the Hermann Hesse Museum (the most extensive exhibition on Hermann Hesse in the world)
  • Voucher for a set meal à la Hermann Hesse
  • A cup of coffee and one piece of cake
  • Hermann Hesse Book
  • Option of booking extra days!


Without accommodation € 56.00
                                                                          Double Room                                   Single Room
****Hotel Kloster Hirsau                                     € 354.00                                            € 207.00
Hotel, Guesthouse, Inn                                      € 306.00                                            € 177.00
Hotel Rössle                                                      € 328.00                                            € 188.00

Further Information

Große Kreisstadt Calw
  • Stadtverwaltung Calw
  • Marktplatz 9
  • D-75365 Calw
  • Telefon: +49 7051 167-0
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