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Calw - Shopping in the City

Diversity – from urban to rustic

The Calw “Lederstrasse” is practically an urban shopping mile: it is home to many subsidiaries of well-known brands and also to small traditional enterprises, all of which attract many customers. In the Market Square you will mostly find small shops offering everything that the heart could wish for – from traditional and rustic to trendy and international products.

Small & select

They make up the charm of each shopping town: the small, original shops that always make you feel that you have discovered something really special. In Calw, these gems can be found in the many picturesque nooks and alleys of the historic town centre.
On entering one of these stylish shops you receive a warm greeting and immediately
have the feeling that you are really welcome.

Große Kreisstadt Calw
  • Stadtverwaltung Calw
  • Marktplatz 9
  • D-75365 Calw
  • Telefon: +49 7051 167-0
  • E-Mail: info@calw.de
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