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Insider Tip

A town that has it all: Calw is the perfect blend of shopping, dining, culture and nature.

Things to do in Calw

Calw offers a wide variety of exciting activities for all ages. Fascinating museums, lively guided tours and hands-on encounters with nature make a visit to Calw a lasting experience.
Come with us and explore!

History of the town

The origins of the town date back to the 11th century. However, the first traces of human settlements go back to approx. 8,000 BC. In the Middle Ages, Calw was an important trading town, based particularly on its trade in textiles and leather. In the 18th century, timber rafting caused Calw’s economy to flourish. In the 1970s, Calw was awarded the status of district-affiliated town.


Strolling across the market place and through the winding alleys of the town you appreciate the beauty of the medieval town. You encounter the many facets of timber framing in more than 200 buildings from the late 17th century: almost the entire town centre is under cultural heritage management.


Calw offers informative and fascinating museums as well as public and private guided tours, themed walks on culture, architecture and nature topics. Insight into the historic traditional crafts of the town, guided tours for children and much more – Calw will impress you with its tremendous variety.

Große Kreisstadt Calw
  • Stadtverwaltung Calw
  • Marktplatz 9
  • D-75365 Calw
  • Telefon: +49 7051 167-0
  • E-Mail:
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