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Experience the magic of past centuries

First documented in 1075, the old rulers of the region built themselves a castle around 950 in a clearing in the the Nagold valley. As a Württemberg district town and the home of powerful merchants, Calw developed over the centuries to become the most important town in the Duchy of Württemberg, economically speaking.

The cloth-makers and dyers of Calw, in particular, carried their wares and the name of the town out into the world. The timber trade too, favoured by the dense woods around the town, and the salt monopoly of the “Calwer Compagnie” brought riches and high esteem to Calw. The imposing town houses still testify to this today.

Große Kreisstadt Calw
  • Stadtverwaltung Calw
  • Marktplatz 9
  • D-75365 Calw
  • Telefon: +49 7051 167-0
  • E-Mail:
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