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75365 Calw
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Enthusiast treasure hunters will find 15 different tours around Calw that will lead them through historical sites and to beautiful natural wonders. The GPS navigation system gives you instructions to find the way.

Rent a GPS tracker, Fee: 7,50 €

If you do not have a GPS tracker you can rent one for a small fee at Calw Tourist Office together with a folder containing information on the selected quests.

GPS-Geraet / Quelle: Stadt Calw

Buy a GeoCoin, Fee: 7,50 €

As a little memory of the GPS walking-tour you can buy at the Tourist Office a GeoCoin. This coin looks like a trunk and honores your walking-tour. Each pin is individualised by a personal number.

Touren - Trails

MFG aus Calw (ideal tour for newcomer)
Kloster Hirsau (Multitrail)
Der Färber von Calw (Multitrail)
Wisdom-Trail (Powertrail)
Die Elfensteine (Multitrail)
Von wilden Gesellen (Puzzletrail)

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  • Marktplatz 9
  • D-75365 Calw
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