Calw offers more than 250 km of well signposted hiking trails, e.g. the Gäu Rim Trail, the Eastern Black Forest Trail as well as the Huguenot and Waldensian Trail, for anyone who wishes to explore the town and surroundings on foot. In addition to this, there are 15 Nordic walking trails, 15 geocaching tours and numerous guided tours of the town and the monastery.

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Gäu trailGaeu_trail

From the Enz valley at Mühlacker the Gäu trail leads up to the
hilltops of the “Gäu”. The hiker passes through open woodland, along thorny hedgerows and across shrubby grassland encountering on his way the remnants of prehistoric cultures.
In the town of Nagold the trail crosses the Nagold valley. Old coach houses and roadsigns indicating the time to the next
destinations are reminiscent of the former stagecoach line.
Beihingen in the Waldach valley and the pretty towns of
Haiterbach and Salzstetten with their half-timbered buildings
are stops on the way to Schopfloch.

Distance:        Mühlacker - Schopfloch - 99.0 km
Sign-post:       Rosehip within a green diamond against white background

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The Black Forest Eastern long-distance trail (“Ostweg”)Black_Forest_Trail

The Eastern long-distance trail leads from Pforzheim, crossing the Würm valley, to the Eastern edge of the Black Forest – often following the sandstone/limestone borderline. Following the rim of the Southwest Swabian hills it crosses the Donau valley. Traversing the hilltops of the “Länge“– the highest elevation (921 m) of the Eastern trail – we descend into the Wutach valley and over the “Randen” down to the
Upper Rhine valley near Schaffhausen.

Distance:       Pforzheim - Schaffhausen -238.5 km
Sign-post:      black and red-coloured diamond on white ground

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